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Big Mouth Toys Camouflage Toilet Paper

What do you give your outdoorsman to clean himself up after answering a call of nature in the wilderness? The obvious answer to this one is to provide a roll of Camouflage Toilet Paper made by Big Mouth Toys. This is really a gag gift but we are sure if you are caught short with no other means of cleaning, then it will do the job just nicely.

The roll of toilet paper is printed with a three colour camouflage design intended to make your hunter or military guy just crease up with laughter. The tissue is three ply and there are on average about 200 sheets in each roll.

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Detailed information about Big Mouth Toys Camouflage Toilet Paper

The camouflage design is printed onto all the sheets and the paper is fully functional. The manufacturer states that the ink is completely harmless and we would assume this means harmless when it is in contact with the human body and when the paper has biodegraded.

This little gag gift is perfect for any member of your family who are into the outdoors life or the military and will be appreciated every time they answer a call of nature.

Each roll of toilet paper measures 3” x 2” x 3” and weighs approximately 0.5oz.

  • The camouflage printed paper is just what every hunter needs to finish off their day
  • The paper is soft thick and consists of three ply sheets
  • Four different printed designs to liven up anyone’s boring old bathroom
  • The size of each sheet is not as large as standard toilet paper
  • The price stated is for individual paper rolls so although it is a good idea for a gift; it isn’t something you would buy regularly like standard toilet paper, as most people couldn’t afford it