Happy 40th Birthday Prank Toilet Paper Gag Gift

“Holy crap (insert emoji poop here) you’re 40!” This clever roll of toilet paper is quite possibly the best birthday prank yet. What a fun way to let someone know that you are ready to celebrate their one and only 40th birthday. This once in a lifetime event requires a gift with a little imagination and a lot of humor.

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Detailed information about Happy 40th Birthday Prank Toilet Paper Gag Gift

Imagine the birthday man or woman waking up, stumbling bleary-eyed into the restroom only to sit down and have this little gem staring them in the face. Now that is a fun way to start the day off right – at least for the prankster, and hopefully, the subject of the prank will also have a good laugh at this hysterical gag gift.

This paper is a high-quality two-ply product and is made in America. Additionally, the printing is present throughout the entire roll, from the first sheet to the last, unlike so many other custom printed toilet paper that has the image on the first portion of the roll only. After all, the reality of turning 40 may need to be reinforced a few times to get it to stick.


High-quality toilet paper that is two sheets thick

The “crap” emoji and poignant saying are both printed on the entire roll of toilet paper

This toilet paper used is sourced in America and is recycled and biodegradable