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Van Life: Your Home on the Road

In our circle of friends or among our family members, we have that one person who loves the tranquility, freedom and the adventure of being outdoors.

In fact, nowadays more and more people from all walks of life are constantly craving for a break from the daily hassles that encompass our daily schedules.

It’s for this reason that Foster Huntington came up with this book titled Van Life: Your Home on the Road, to appeal to anyone who would wish to take a break from their regular schedules and embark on a fulfilling journey of discovering the outdoors and living their lives while driving across the country.

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Detailed information about Van Life: Your Home on the Road

In this book, the author has tapped into a diverse community of individuals who think like him and are looking to have a free lifestyle where they get to explore nature at their own pace and live in the present.

The book showcases great work of photography which includes some of the best crowd-sourced photographs. The author goes on to give an account of his own experiences and stories that will leave an aspiring van-dweller craving for an outdoor adventure.

It is organized into sections with shots of different vehicles and van types such as American vans, school buses, Volkswagen vans, converted vans and more including pictures of unique vehicles.

The photos showcase the interior of these vehicles which include beautifully designed interiors with fully equipped kitchen, living space, sleeping quarters and more.


A great book that showcases the van life

It has great photography and detailed information about van life

Available in Kindle and hardcover format