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Hunt, Gather, Cook: Finding the Forgotten Feast 

If you have a hunter in your life, you would want to gift them something that will fuel their passion. Something they will put into good use during their hunting missions. This might not be an easy task because they are usually sufficiently prepared, and most likely, they have everything they need.

However, there is one thing that hunters have in common: a passion for getting better in their sport. Hunting is not something that you learn within a day. It’s a learning curve that takes time, and each day presents a new opportunity to get better.

On that note, what would be a better gift than this book titled Hunt, Gather, Cook: Finding the Forgotten Feast by Hank Shaw? We believe this book will be a great resource and an excellent point of reference for hunters and this is why this book would make the ideal gift for hunters.

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Detailed information about Hunt, Gather, Cook: Finding the Forgotten Feast 

In this book, the author, Hank Show, explores the long practiced art of foraging and shares his experiences when hunting in the fields and in the kitchen.

Yes, hunting doesn't end out there in the field. It extends to the kitchen because how you prepare and cook your game and what you foraged makes all the difference.

This book includes recipes and hunting techniques that will ensure that you not only enjoy your hunting escapades, but you also do it in style and enjoy good food.

He shares his extensive knowledge and experience on edible flora and fauna and goes on to show the reader that there is a lot of great bounty surrounding us in the natural world and we only need to know where to find it.


A well-written book with beautiful illustrations and cooking recipes

Focuses on foraging, fishing as well as hunting

Available in Kindle, hardcover and paperback format


In the paperback format, the photography is in black and white