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Bean Box – World Coffee Tour Sampler

It is said that the smell of morning coffee is enough to wake up a coffee lover and that the first sip is satisfying enough to transform a rather dull day into a bright one! You only need to be a coffee lover to understand this special addiction.

Nevertheless, we love those coffee addicts in our lives, and we are always in constant search for coffee-related gifts to make their lives better.

And because you understand their love for coffee better than anyone else, you will go right ahead and surprise this person with the World coffee Tour by Bean Box which comes with 16 gourmet coffees from the leading worlds micro-lots.

The coffee lover in your life might already have a favorite brand that they keep in their kitchen. But we also know that the fun and the joys of coffee is experimenting with different brands, flavors, and roast.

This box presents the little irresistible joys of coffee!

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Detailed information about Bean Box – World Coffee Tour Sampler

The best thing about this sampler is that you will not need to guess their favorite flavor and start searching for it.

It presents you with a variety, and the recipient is likely to have quite a good time trying each of these 16 coffee samplers because they have been sourced from award-winning roasters.

It includes 1.8pounds (16,1.8 ounce) bags of freshly roasted coffee beans (whole) sourced from leading coffee producing regions which include Indonesia, Kenya, Ethiopia, Colombia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Kona, Panama, and Guatemala.

These coffees are handpicked and have been roasted to perfection.


Comes with 16 bags of fresh gourmet coffees

Freshness guaranteed

Whole coffee beans sourced from the world's leading coffee-producing regions