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Bad Bananas Nick (Nicolas) Cage Face Pillowcase

If you haven’t come across an internet meme with Nicolas Cage’s face on it, then you haven’t been around social media platforms for quite a while.

There is a lot going with the Oscar-winning actor that makes him popular. His unique acting performances, interesting roles, a recognizable face and lots of memorable movies make him a culprit for several memes.

Most people have a hate and love relationship when it comes to Nick’s movies and won’t even admit it. If you have such a person in your life, then your search for the perfect gag gift just ended.

This funny pillow cover that reveals Nicolas Cage funny smiling face will perhaps be the one quirky gift they would love to hate.

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Detailed information about Bad Bananas Nick (Nicolas) Cage Face Pillowcase

It is a decorative pillow case featuring a vibrant print on reversible gold sequins, and when flipped, it changes color to reveal a smiling image of Nicolas Cage face.

The back of this pillow cover is made of a plush, cozy velvet material for ultra-softness and added comfort. This fabric also provides a beautiful contrast against the sequin gold front, which makes it look fabulous. It will make a great addition to the existing room’s décor.

Moreover, the case is durable and has an invisible zipper which not only makes it easy to remove the cushion insert but also ensures there are no unattractive closures.

In addition, the lovely print is printed using environmentally friendly inks, in permanent color, which will not crack, peel, or fade even with frequent washing.


A unique pillow cover featuring reversible color changing sequins

Fits as a décor item

It’s fun to play with

Available in other vibrant prints and colors