Hand Blown Glass Wine Decanter Fully Reviewed

Many people find a problem with drinking red wine. Mostly the wine is poured straight from the bottle into the glass without any opportunity for the liquid to breathe and become aerated. If you know people like this then you should consider buying them this handy carafe decanter that is designed specifically to make red wine more palatable.

Aerating red wine allows the liquid to oxidize which brings out the natural flavors inherent in the wine and reduces the sharp vinegary tastes of the acid and the tannins. This hand blown glass wine decanter from Veracity and Verve is designed and made to optimize the aeration of the wine by maximizing the liquid area that is in contact with the air. Not only that, but it also has a tilted base so that it will naturally roll and swirl the wine, thus increasing the area in contact with the air.

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Detailed information about Hand Blown Glass Wine Decanter Fully Reviewed

The neck of the carafe has ergonomic curves that make it a pleasure to hold and from which to pour a perfect glass of wine. There really is nothing like a properly polished glass of red wine to sip from at the end of the day. The ritual forces a person to relax and experience the stillness as well as enjoying the proven health-giving properties of a glass of red wine (taken in moderation of course).

This decanter carafe isn’t just for red wines, even though it is designed for them. White wines can be poured into it as well.


This is an unusual decanter designed to soften the coarsest of red wines

It will hold a full-size bottle of wine

Allows the aeration process to be optimized to bring out the smooth flavors inherent in red wine