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1968 – I Love 1968 Compilation Music Hits CD

Giving someone a gift they can relate to the year they were born can be a thoughtful idea. Such gifts create a lasting memory and give someone the feeling of the times the particular event occurred. Also, one can learn a few things about the year and various occurrences that happened during that time.

The same happens to anniversaries.  A gift that will remind you of the year you got married will take you back in time to reflect on the particular year. One of such gifts would have to be this greeting card that comes with a cd compiling tracks released on that same year. If your significant other was born in 1968 or got married then, this greeting card would be a great gift idea.

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Detailed information about 1968 – I Love 1968 Compilation Music Hits CD

It will not only remind the recipient where they came from but will help them appreciate the year even more. The card comes with an I Heart design at the top. It also has news and headlines that made to the top on that particular year.

The inside cover has listings of celebrities born in the same year and the names of movies released during that period. On the same card, there is space to note down your birthday message. The card has an attached audio cd featuring 20 original tracts of that time. This makes it a lovely present to walk down memory lane and learn about what happened then.