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Humanz CD by Gorillaz

Everyone’s favorite band Gorillaz, is back with a new thumping album, Humanz. Perfect for parties, working out or road trips, Gorillaz will have you bobbing your heads for hours.

It was released in April 2017 and features hits like Andromeda and Ascension. This album is a unique mixture of different types of songs. Some with heavy beats that make you want to dance and others which are more melodic and slow. But somehow they make it work, without losing that unique Gorillaz sound.

Detailed information about Humanz CD by Gorillaz

The album features 25 songs on 2 CDs, many songs with collaborations. Some of who include Pusha T, Kelela and Danny Brown. This is one of the reasons the songs are so diverse. But it shows the flexibility of the Gorillaz sound and their own musical style. Different types of genres emerge such as Pop, Indie, Rap, Electronic and many more.

If you’ve been anticipating the return of Gorillaz then wait no longer. This album delivers them in a unique way with a new unique sound. Don’t hesitate to add this to your collection or give it to someone you love. After listening to it, it’ll quickly become your  or their new favorite album. And it’s become the favorite of others as well, topping in around the top 2 on the charts.