Zmart Women’s and Girls 3D Novelty Cat Socks

How cute are these socks?!? Getting dressed in the morning just got a whole lot more entertaining. These novelty 3D cat socks come decorated with the cutest, most mischievous and most realistic depictions of kitties ever. Fluffy fur, big beautiful eyes, and that face that says “I’m up to no good!” Yes, kittens at their best.B076P5XY57

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Detailed information about Zmart Women’s and Girls 3D Novelty Cat Socks

These socks are made of a Spandex, cotton and polyester blend, perfect for a comfortable fit and for maintaining their shape without falling down or stretching out. They are lightweight enough to wear with any shoe or boot, and they have plenty of stretch for in those between sizes. They come in women sizes 5 to 8 (US sizes) and fit shoe sizes 4.5 to 8. They run perhaps just a tad smaller than typical, so keep this in mind when ordering.

This package comes with five pairs of adorable kitty faced stockings (FYI, one of the kittens is being a bit sassy with its middle claw (finger) but that just adds to the charm of these cuties).


Five pairs of adorable kitten socks (also available in a food/candy assortment)

Perfect weight and these socks will not slip

Super comfortable as well as super fun