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Ugly Valentines Day Sweater Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Everybody knows about the ugly Christmas sweater craze! It is a fun and silly tradition that everyone tends to have a blast with. So, why not extend that fun over to other Holidays too? Well, now you can with this super cute and fun, “Ugly Valentine’s Day Sweater”. This cute shirt looks a lot like an actual sweater, but it turns out that it is actually just a long-sleeve t-shirt. This is great because it is lightweight, comfortable, and much more versatile than an actual sweater. It can be comfortably worn in a wider range of climates and is even comfy when worn indoors for longer periods of time.

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Detailed information about Ugly Valentines Day Sweater Long Sleeve T-Shirt

This long-sleeve t-shirt is red – the traditional color of Valentine’s Day. It has a super funny and cute design across the front of it in white. The design says, “Happy Valentine’s Day” in a cross-stitch pattern that gives it that sweater appearance.

The words are surrounded by various Valentine’s Day themed designs and images. Right above the words are two birds that appear to be sharing a kiss. Below the words, there is a large teddy bear with a little cupid on either side of it. From there, hearts and roses surround the entire design, creating a long rectangle along the front of the shirt. The design is made of high-quality, water-soluble, eco-friendly ink that is applied directly to the shirt with new-age printing technology.