World’s Largest Gummy Worm

Candies – the sweet, delectable, sugary treat adults and kids alike can’t resist. No wonder Halloween is such a hit, because it is the one day that children get these tasty concoctions by the bucketload (literally in the form of a pumpkin with the face of a skull) and Valentines is a close second, which they should rename ‘Chocolate Day’ for the sheer amount of chocolate goodness that is given and enjoyed on this sweet, sweet occasion. Perhaps one of the most loved, and most snacked on, candy of all time are gummy worms.

These soft and chewy worm-like gummies are tasty, sweet, sour and oh so satisfying. What if we told you that you could surprise someone with a gummy worm that is out of this world?

And by that, we mean a HUMONGOUS, THREE POUND gummy worm that is 125 times bigger than the normal one. Don’t believe us? Well, it totally exists. We present to you the World’s Largest Gummy Worm by World’s Largest.

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Detailed information about World’s Largest Gummy Worm

Well, be prepared to munch on this for weeks as the gargantuan size may make it hard for you to accomplish such a feat. This monstrous, record-breaking gummy worm is best shared with other people. We suggest cutting it with a knife and storing the rest in zip bags to retain its freshness.


Great taste, can be shared with everyone


Perfect present for everyone