World’s Largest Giant Gummy Bear Fully Reviewed

For those of us who just love Haribo Gummy Bears, the only problem is that they are too small. There is no problem with this product however as it is absolutely enormous and just right for the binge eating Gummy Bear addict. “The World’s Largest Giant Gummy Bear” from Giant Gummy Bears is a treat that cannot be missed.

The Giant Gummy Bear is about 10” tall and weighs about 5lb, which is about 1000 times the size of a regular Gummy Bear and will give about 50 servings of the sweet gelatine candy. There are two different flavors available: The ‘Flavors’ version consists of three different colors, with each color equivalent to Blue Raspberry, Orange or Cherry flavors; ‘The Patriotic’ has Blueberry, Cherry and Watermelon flavors.

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Detailed information about World’s Largest Giant Gummy Bear Fully Reviewed

Whatever flavor you choose to give to your friend or family member, you can be assured that the flavors will be delicious and the Gummy Bear will stay fresh during the time it takes to eat all 5lb of this gorgeous Bear. Some of the customer reviews suggest wrapping the uneaten parts in a resealable plastic bag to preserve the freshness and we would advise the owner of this Gummy Bear to follow suit.

The person to whom you send this fantastic Gummy Bear may find it a bit difficult to break pieces off and for this, it is probably a good idea to follow the recommendations of the many customer reviews that deal with this problem. They suggest that a carving knife is used to slice pieces from the main body but advise that once the knife has cut through the hard outer skin, the inner jelly becomes very sticky. Once again we recommend that the recipient finds their own way of cutting, distributing and serving the individual portions of the 10” Bear.


This Giant Gummy Bear is definitely a large lump of sugary goo that anyone with a sweet tooth will enjoy

It is a perfect gift for Christmas or Valentine’s Day

This will provide a binge session for those of us who enjoy regular Gummy Bears