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World Scratch Off Map | 24″x16″ Travel Size

Do you a friend or a loved who is a frequent traveler and they are coming back after a long absence? Travelers are a unique bunch to gift since they are always on the move and they may not get a chance to use some of the things they are given. So, if you wish to give one a gift as a welcome gift to show them that you missed them while they were away, be creative and look for something that they will find useful while on tour.

The Sounders World scratch-off map is perhaps the perfect and most meaningful gift you can pass to a traveler. Yes, it’s possible that they already have a map with them, but then again, it’s not as cool as this premium quality scratch map that will allow them to scratch and reveal their travels and all the places they have been to in appealing visual colors. This map is simply cool; an awesome gift perfect for a seasoned traveler.

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Detailed information about World Scratch Off Map | 24″x16″ Travel Size

The map is fairly sizeable measuring approximately 24”X 16”. The map is a fan activity for a traveler or someone who is out there touring amazing places. It outlines the world and has a US version. The Us version has all the US states clearly outlined to ensure maximum accuracy. It shows the real locations of the major world wonders all over the world.

So, if the traveler has already been to the Grand Canyon, they can proudly scratch it off to reveal a secret icon. As they travel, a traveler will be able to see their tour highlights as they scratch each location.


The map is available in both World and the US versions

The US states are well outlined to ensure accuracy

It’s a fun way to mark places and locations visited

The maps are cartographically accurately and genuine to scale