Hot Shot Igloos Men’s the Sentry Mittens

There is nothing quite like a good thick pair of woolen gloves to keep hands and fingers warm while out and about in really cold temperatures. The only problem is that sometimes the wearer needs to be able to use their fingers and this always involves removing the gloves.

This not only means that the whole hand becomes cold it also increases the risk of dropping the woolen glove in a pile of snow or a freezing cold puddle, thereby allowing the wool to absorb the cold water. Obviously, this is not an ideal situation but one that is often unavoidable so we were really surprised to see this product from Igloos.

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Detailed information about Hot Shot Igloos Men’s the Sentry Mittens

These gloves initially look like standard fingerless gloves but with a non-exposed thumb. They also have a leather patch across the palm and up the side of the thumb to make the gloves more hardwearing. However, this is the clever part.

They have a mitten-shaped cover to pull over the fingers in case all that is needed is warmth. There is a Velcro fastener to hold the mitten section in place but it is easily pulled back on its woolen hinge and held in place once again by the Velcro fastener. This is a really clever innovation and something that we have never seen before and if it is new, we wonder why no one has ever thought of such a simple improvement on the standard glove before.

The mitten section allows the fingers to be kept warm when exposed to very cold temperatures yet it can be easily folded back if the wearer needs their fingers for delicate work such as fumbling for keys, smoking, operating camera controls or answering the phone.


These great gloves combine the warmth of full mittens together with the functionality of fingerless gloves

Made from a wool and acrylic mix with a polyester lining and Thinsulate insulation

Everything you can expect from a good pair of warm woolen mittens