King and Pig Four Piece World Map Luggage Tags

Looking for the perfect inexpensive gift for a friend? Maybe a stocking stuffer that is different from the same old thing. This luggage tag set tics all of the right boxes and could make gift giving a little bit simpler.

This baggage tag set is a practical and inexpensive gift for the consummate traveler. Each one of these tags is unique and depicts a beautifully detailed world map in one of four color schemes; mint-hued, vintage style, rich indigo and white, and a multi-color rendition with a pink background.

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Detailed information about King and Pig Four Piece World Map Luggage Tags

Not only are these bag markers lovely, but they are also easy to spot on a crowded baggage carousel in a busy airport, making grabbing the bag and going an easier experience. The faster bags are in hand, the faster the vacation can begin.

The information portion of the tag resides on the back of the world map, out of sight of prying eyes. This circular portion of each luggage label measures roughly 95 mm x 95 mm, making it as easy to read as it is to spot.

The strap that attaches the product to the bag handle measures approximately 93 mm and it can be easily removed and transferred to another suitcase without any trouble at all.


Attractively priced and includes four individual tags

Each tag has an information card that is removable and replaceable

Beautifully detailed world map on each, in four distinctive colorations