USA Beer Cap Map – Glossy Wood Bottle Cap Holder

Know someone who has been obsessively collecting beer caps from all around the world? Maybe they are a brewery lover or a beer lover. This wooden bottle cap holder will be a perfect gift for them! This product has a glossy finish which makes it an appropriate addition to any kind of interior design. It is nice to look at, and it is an attractive display that can be mounted on any wall. Its USA shape makes this bottle cap holder even more interesting. While there are 50 states, this holder can snap up to 69 bottle caps! There is definitely room for all those bottle caps that just wait to be snatched!

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Detailed information about USA Beer Cap Map – Glossy Wood Bottle Cap Holder

This product is durable and everyone will be amazed by how long it can last. The kids and the grandkids will probably be in awe because of the great design of this holder. It would look good while serving a great practical role in the household. It is strong enough to carry a whole collection of beer caps and any owner should be proud to exhibit it. Not everything has to go to waste right? With this holder, people can minimize throwing away bottle caps. Instead, they can hang them right up where everybody can see them!