USA Beer Cap Map – Glossy Wood Bottle Cap Holder

Have you ever been one to obsessively collect beer caps for no reason at all? Or maybe because you’re just a brewery lover? Then this wooden bottle cap holder will help you display your interesting collection! This product has a glossy finish, making it an appropriate addition anywhere in your home. It’s smooth to look at it’s an attractive display you can mount on your wall. Its USA shape makes this bottle cap holder more interesting. While there are are 50 states, this holder can snap up to 69 bottle caps! So there’s definitely room for all the bottle caps you have just laying around.

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Detailed information about USA Beer Cap Map – Glossy Wood Bottle Cap Holder

It's durable so be amazed how this can last long. Your kids and even your grandkids will be at awe how much of a champion you are for having this holder in your house. It's strong enough to carry your collection so be proud of how much you've been drinking and exhibit it. Not everything has to go to waste, right? With this holder, you will minimize throwing away bottle caps. So instead, hang them right up where everybody can see it!