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Large Neoprene Lunch Bag Purse by ART OF LUNCH

There is always a problem with carrying lunch to work, school or even for a picnic; how do we keep the food either cold or warm? Not only are paper or plastic bags no use at keeping food fresh, they always end up in the trash can and eventually in the environment. What is needed is something that looks good, is stylish, reusable, thermally insulated, sturdy enough to stand on the ground without toppling over, flexible enough to hold various shaped objects and big enough to hold everything needed for a lunchtime meal.

This designer made lunch bag purse” from Art of Lunch, ticks all those boxes. It is completely reusable and eco-friendly. The owner will be doing their part in protecting the planet by no longer throwing paper or plastic bags away.

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Detailed information about Large Neoprene Lunch Bag Purse by ART OF LUNCH

The bag has two large circular handles that will slide over the arm or shoulder and provide a comfortable grip if held in the hand. The handles look like bamboo but are in fact strong plastic which is completely washable and hygienic near food. The bag is made from neoprene ( the same material that wetsuits are made from, surfers and divers use them to keep warm in cold seawater). The neoprene is 4mm thick so just imagine how this material will keep your lunch at the correct temperature irrespective of whether it is a hot or cold day outside. The bag has a base section (once again made from the 4mm neoprene) and is stiff enough to stand upright when placed on the ground.

It is also super stretchy so will adjust its shape to fit awkwardly sized food containers and bottles. The bag actually measures 10” long x 15” high x 6” wide so is big enough for a normal sized lunch. Inside the bag, there is a divider pocket with a Velcro seal to keep lunch contents separate or allow the user to insert an icepack. There is a zipper included to seal off the contents of the bag from the outside world and help keep everything fresh and hygienic.


Made from non-toxic and insulating neoprene

A proportion of the profits go to environmental charities

Each design is produced by one of a group of worldwide artists