Paris Picture Canvas Prints for Bedroom

Has your daughter or son moved into their first apartment? Is your favorite couple now the latest homeowners? How about you liven up their home with this elegant Paris Picture canvas print from Piy Painting as a housewarming gift. This one will definitely score you the highest points as the best mother or dad, best friend ever, or the favorite sister, brother, aunt, uncle, etc.

Anyone who gets the privilege to have this photo print will certainly love it and all for good reasons. It will become the centerpiece in their home or office; a gem that will always capture the attention of everyone when they step into the room. This is the kind of art that will have guests and visitors commenting on its beauty — a true definition of a conversation starter in any gathering or party.

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Detailed information about Paris Picture Canvas Prints for Bedroom

This great Eiffel tower canvas wall art is expertly printed and framed for home and office décor. Each panel has different measurements for a seamless and smooth alignment to form the tower and the surrounding art. The overall dimensions of the entire picture approximately measure 60”X125” for the 5 panels.

It's printed-on wood and canvas with eco-friendly ink-print. This is a quality art that is UV resistant and shrink-resistant. You can be confident that everything in this picture will remain as it is for a lifetime. What more, the receiver will never have to worry about water damage since the canvas print is water-resistant.

The picture comes ready for hanging wrapped with bracket and mounted on a frame. The only thing needed is to arrange the panels into positions and a nail for hanging — no hassles of dealing with screws and other accessory kits.


It will brighten up a blank space and reflect a great sense of style

Attention to detail and excellent artistry

Comes mounted in a durable premium frame

Easy installation

Comes in secure packaging to ensure maximum protection