Judgmental Maps Book

When it comes to the city we were born and grew up in, we take a lot of pride in being a part of that community and proceed to tell everyone foreign to our city how great it is, where all the good stuff is happening and basically just the best parts of it.

As a local though, we get to see how everyday life is, what kind of people live there and all the other stuff you will never see in the tourist guides.

Sometimes, it is just because we are too embarrassed or shy to talk about the bad stuff in our beloved city, but we think you should remember that all cities do have these unwanted experiences happening in theirs too, and that is exactly what the Judgmental Maps: Your City Judged actually highlights in this hilariously accurate book.

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Detailed information about Judgmental Maps Book

Comedian Trent Gillaspie penned this brutally honest book after what started as jokes with friends about cities in America which in turn became a viral sensation, thus the inception of this funny book.

This is a great little addition to a coffee table or bookshelf and is the perfect present for anyone in your family like your sister, brother, parents, grandparents, best friend and even your coworker - as long as they have a great sense of humor.


Funny and a great conversation piece for the home

Unique and intriguing gift for all occasions


A great addition to a coffee table