Quicksilver Men’s Outsider America Hat

Do you know someone who is already looking for a holiday? Are they psyched up to spend time on sandy beaches, swimming and taking in the glorious warm sun? Or an outdoorsy whose ideal fun time is being out there taking in the wonders of nature?

Here is a fitting gift that that will undoubtedly be received with lots of gratitude. This Men’s Hat by Quicksilver is not only stylish but also its also practical. Spending time out there taking in the gift of sun and its warmth can be the ultimate feeling.

However, as much, it can be fun to walk carefree under the beaming UV light, extensive exposure to sun rays can affect the skin, especially the face, lips, neck and the surrounding areas. As a result, the face will be susceptible to sun damage, sunburns and the lips may start chapping.

Thanks to this hat, this will not be a problem. It will offer excellent coverage to the wearer and provide enough shade to keep the sun off from the head, the face and the neck. This imported hat is made of 100% fibers making it absolutely comfortable on the skin. It features a pull on closure for maximum coverage which maximizes protection from the sun.

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Detailed information about Quicksilver Men’s Outsider America Hat

But what makes this straw lifeguard hat stand out stylishly, it's the debussed American logo made of leather material on the front and around the brim. It makes it all American, and you can be sure that the lucky recipient will receive lots of attention and compliments while out there.


The hat is designed to offer protection from direct the sun rays

It's available in two sizes; Large and X-Large and fits 80% as expected

Features an American logo on the front


Comes packaged in a small box not ideal for the hat