LED Lighted Organizer Insert for Handbags Purses

Only women know how frustrating it gets when your phone rings and you try to rummage through your handbag in vain until the caller disconnects the call! Or, that moment when you reach your doorsteps and you have to empty your handbag to get your keys.

Imagine how hard it gets when you are trying to locate anything in your bag in the dark! You might as well give up and leave fate to take its course. When you throw everything in your handbag, it becomes a complete mess.

If you have a special woman in your life, it’s possible that you have witnessed this struggle several times. Now you have a chance to save her from these kinds of pains with this LittBag lighted organizer insert for purses and handbags from PurseN. This is one is the ultimate life-hack and welcome savior to anyone who has gone through the frustration of digging all the way to the bottom of their purse for a single item.

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Detailed information about LED Lighted Organizer Insert for Handbags Purses

This purse organizer will not only organize everything neatly in your bag, but it will also light the bag and eliminate the struggle of searching for anything through your handbag in the dark. This one will be a welcome gift to any woman, and they will truly appreciate you for being so thoughtful.

The LED lighted LittBag is stylish, versatile, convenient and features a unique custom light that makes it easy to see through the items in your handbag. It’s designed with 12 compartments which keep all the essentials neatly and within reach. It also has a top handle closure which has magnet ends to provide extra security.


The organizer is lightweight, easy to use LED lights works conveniently

The on and off switch is conveniently raised

It comes equipped with 2 CR2032 batteries

It's safe to carry alongside other luggage

Designed with a shutoff timer

One-year warranty