Going Away Gifts

Check out our going away gifts guide which is filled with all sorts of items that are perfect for the occasion. No matter who is moving, you can easily find them a gift that they will love! Know someone that is moving away? Maybe they are graduating and heading off to college, deciding to travel the world, or are moving to a new city to start a new job. No matter the situation, it is a great idea to get them a going away gift to send them off on their new adventure. Moving can be scary, but knowing you have the support of friends and family, even if you are now miles and miles away, can be very helpful! Thoughtful gifts can help give someone comfort even as they move to a new place. Not sure what the right gift is to give as a going-away present? No problem.

10 Things to Consider When Browsing Going Away Gifts

1. Understand their situation space-wise

If the person you are shopping for is moving away to another country and selling all of their stuff in order to afford the trip, you probably shouldn’t get them a big item that they likely won’t be able to bring with them!

Keep in mind what their ‘going away’ situation is and stick with something smaller if they are tight on space.

2. Consider the culture of where they are going

An educational gift can be a really great one if the person moving away is going to another country.

From books that discuss culture, to language learning tools if they will need to learn a new language, this is a great opportunity to get them a gift that they will enjoy and truly make use out of in their new home.

3. Be useful

Traveling is wonderful, but it can be stressful. A great gift idea is to get them anything that will help the traveling and relocating process easier on them.

From better luggage to storage solutions, there are tons of great nifty items out there that any traveler would love to have!

4. Reminisce

It is perfectly acceptable to get sentimental when thinking of a going-away gift.

Think back on all the memories you’ve had with this person and place it into a gift!

Perhaps a photo journal, or a written journal with little anecdotes you remember.

This is a great keepsake item that they will love and can be very comforting as they adjust to a new home.

5. Laugh

Make them laugh! Humor is the best medicine as they say, and moving can certainly be stressful, especially if someone is moving to take a new stressful job or is going off to college.

Comedic relief may be just the thing they need to help them through!

6. Help them record their new adventure

Moving to a new place is exciting, and it is sure to go by in the blink of an eye!

An excellent going away gift is a journey or scrapbook or other types of memory tools so that they can write down and remember all of the exciting moments along the way.

Not only will they enjoy using this gift, but they will also be so thankful to have it in the future so that they can look back and remember all of the adventures they took!

7. Consider a two-part gift

And by two parts we mean, one for you and one for your friend or family member!

Remember the friendship necklaces you had when you were a kid? You had one piece, and your friend had the other?

That is still a great gift concept, especially when someone is moving far away!

Whether it is a modern take on the necklace, or another type of memento, knowing that you have one part and they have the other can help you feel connected, no matter how many miles are in between!

8. Remind them of home

Is the person leaving a colleague? Help them take a piece of their home state with them as they go!

From decorative items to scented candles focused on their home state, to clothing that features their city name or skyline, there is a lot to choose from!

9. Connect with tech

Thanks to technology, you can keep in touch with someone no matter where in the world they live!

Help ensure your friend or family member can stay in touch with you when they go by getting them something that will help them.

That could be a new webcam or microphone, or even a new camera that they can use to take pictures to send back home of their journey.

10. Lend your time

Finally, a great gift idea is to simply show up and volunteer to help your friend or family member pack!

It can be stressful and very time consuming to pack up your life, so they are sure to very much appreciate the help in order to get everything done on time.

Plus, you get to spend some more time with them- everyone wins!

How to Nail A Thoughtful Going Away Gift

Making the decision to move is a big one! Whether you feel like you need to take on a bigger city, get a new job, travel the world, go away for college, or relocate because of a spouse, there are so many reasons why you might have to move.

And the reasons are exciting!

However, for family and friends being left behind, it can be a little bit less exciting.

It is totally reasonable to feel sad if a close friend, family member, or colleague has announced that they are moving away or perhaps working overseas. It is a big change!

However, as difficult as it may be, it is important to be supportive and show your excitement for this person as they embark on this new journey!

Buying Something a Loved One Will Remember You By

The flip side to all that gift freedom is that it can sometimes feel impossible to decide what to get someone.

After all, what is an appropriate going away gift? That is where we come in!

Our team has created this guide that is filled with items that are perfect to give as a going away gift.

Perhaps a sentimental gift to remember who they are leaving behind, a useful item they can use at their new destination, or a funny one to help them laugh even during this stressful phase of life.

Unique Gifts At Amazing Prices!

Moving away is a difficult, but exciting time in a person’s life. As sad as you may be, keep in mind that it is probably harder on them as they move away from all of their friends and family.

Be supportive by giving them a thoughtful gift. And always keep in mind, technology has made the world much smaller!

They may be moving far away, but they will still always be just a phone call or video chat away.

Help send off your friend or family member on their latest adventure by showing up with a unique gift that they will take with them and remember for years to come. If you are totally unsure what to get them, don’t worry.

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