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WITHit French Bull Yoga Mat

Yoga is not just a workout practice – it’s a lifestyle. Not only does yoga transform the body, but it also works tremendously to improve a person’s wellbeing, physically and emotionally. It takes time and determination to achieve the full benefits of this practice.

And so, if you have a yogi in your life, whether they are beginners or fanatics, this person will appreciate anything that will make their yoga classes easier. Also, you have lots of options when it comes to gift ideas for them.

But since you want your gift to this person to be a hit, and perhaps manage to make them say “Namaste” when they unwrap the gift, we have picked this durable and lightweight French bull yoga mat from WITHit.

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Detailed information about WITHit French Bull Yoga Mat

Any yoga enthusiast knows that a yoga mat makes all the difference. This particular exercise mat is not only manufactured to be functional, but it also brings a perfect blend of fashion.

After all, yoga is a lifestyle, and while at it, your accessories and apparels might as well reflect on your personality and style.

Built with a 5mm thick pad, the French bull yoga mat is not only durable but also easy to roll and carry around when going for yoga sessions.

One feature that is fully enhanced is its safety while working out. The mat is engineered with a non-slip backing which ensures that you stay put during your yoga sessions and enhances traction.


Easy to clean

Made of safe materials and it's latex free

Built with a non-slip backing

Easy to roll and transport

Features a stunning colorful pattern