O’ Rinn Golf Perky Tees Pin-up Girl Golf Tee

Sports enthusiasts often require something to spice up their sport and provide a little light relief from a heavy game and golf players are no exception. Although golf as a game might be the most exciting game in the world and the players may be superb with some of the best scores around, the people who play golf might still want something special to make the game a bit more lighthearted than it otherwise might be. A good way to add that little smile to the faces of the opponents might be to play around with the design of the tees.

They won’t affect the game and their designs aren’t confined under strict rules like the balls, clubs, and putters are. The O’Rinn tee is one of those humorous items that often raises a smile in the staidest of company.

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Detailed information about O’ Rinn Golf Perky Tees Pin-up Girl Golf Tee

They come in a pack of six tees and for under $10 any player can’t go wrong with them. They are made in the shape of a redheaded pin-up girl and surprisingly are actually some high-quality golf tees.

These little hotties are probably quite unique and will make a humorous and useful White Elephant gift or stocking stuffer for the male golfer and his buddies. They are actually a fully functional 3” golfing tee designed specifically for performance and for clearance on a variable ground. Use them just like any other golfing tee; push them into the ground using the ball on the redhead’s flat hat until they are at the correct height for the player’s game.

Then play the ball just as would be done with regular tees. Don’t forget to lift the petite hottie before walking away otherwise someone else might decide to keep her. These little redheads are a great conversation starter and are guaranteed to have everyone cracking jokes while they watch the ball. Impress friends and colleagues with these saucy little tees and hope that they help to win the game.


A funny and useful set of six ‘pin-up girl’ golfing tees

Use just like standard tees

Designed for performance and functionality