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Personalized Coach Whistle

A sports Coach is not really a Coach unless he or she has a whistle to blow. It is important for him or her to have authority over the team and there is nothing worse than someone trying to shout above the noise of the game and probably get a sore throat in the process. That is why a whistle is so useful.

Many Coaches have a code they use to let the team know what is required: one short blow; two short blows; one long blow. They all mean something specific and eventually, the Coach can work out how to give instructions just with a blow of the whistle, but not just any old whistle will do. This whistle from The Personal Exchange will make the perfect gift for the special Coach or teacher. It is made from high-quality stainless steel so it won’t rust or corrode and it can be engraved on the top with the Coach’s name or any other text of your choice.

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Detailed information about Personalized Coach Whistle

The majority of customer reviews for this product are very positive and overall the recipients of the Coach's Whistle are very pleased with their gift. There are a few disgruntled customers but these are mainly due to not reading the specifications properly. Overall we think that this is a really useful gift for the Coach to receive and he or she will look after it as a keepsake for many years to come.

This isn’t only a gift for a sports team to give to their Coach, however. It is also suitable for a newly graduated Coach to receive from their loved ones or for a special anniversary or special achievement from their employer or sports club organizers. Whoever gives this whistle, it will be a well-received gift and one that will be treasured for many years.


This is a high-quality stainless steel Coach’s whistle

It can be engraved with your choice of text in one of a range of different fonts

This is the kind of gift that will mean a lot to the recipient