NextRoller – 3-Speed Vibrating Foam Roller

Do you have a sporty person in your life? Whether they are professionals or play the sport as a hobby or generally to keep fit, we have no doubt they will appreciate this Nextroller vibrating foam roller. It’s not only useful for sports enthusiasts, but it also comes in handy for people who experience muscle pains due to medical conditions or advancement in age.

Normally, vibration relaxes sore and tense muscles and aids in recovery. This tool will be quite beneficial to anyone who experiences sore muscles frequently. It’s intended to reduce post-workout joint and muscle soreness, aid mobility by increasing blood flow to body muscles and also break down the scar tissue.

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Detailed information about NextRoller – 3-Speed Vibrating Foam Roller

It also aids in recovery and improves flexibility and mobility after an intense workout such as yoga, weightlifting, running, cardio, CrossFit, Jiu-jitsu and any other type of exercise.

The tool is designed with 3-speed vibration intensities which include low, medium and high. With this different speed intensities, one can apply the right amount of pressure on each of their sore muscles and joints for maximum release. In addition, it helps relieve muscle pain around the neck, back, knees, hamstrings, quads, IT band and many more.

The NextRoller will also massage and soothe the body. With this tool, anyone will be able to achieve their fitness goals and excel injury free. It measures approximately 6inches in diameter and 13 inches in length. It's portable and easy to carry anywhere including the gym.


A roller and a vibrating massage in one

Offers relieve from muscle and joint soreness

Portable and rechargeable

Made from high-quality materials

Comes with a one-year warranty