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The One Year Uncommon Life Daily Challenge

When you think about a coach, what comes to your mind? Probably someone who moves around the field blowing whistles and yelling at younglings or player as they run sprints. But being a coach is not just all about. There is more behind the scenes that you may not see.

For some its determination to nurture someone to be a success story in their life, it’s the late nights adding and scratching names on the player list to ensure every player gets fair playing time.

There is also the burden of worry when they have to cut someone off the list which might sit heavily on a person who felt they were excellent. Don’t forget the money concerns and the politics involved as they try to keep a winning record and their career.

It’s a tough job, yet the simple joy of witnessing the players overcome all obstacles and triumph is simply rewarding. Coaches have to keep their faith strong if at all, they will succeed in their roles.

This book titled “The One Year Uncommon Life Daily Challenge” by a former Super Bowl-winning head coach Tony Dungy and his co-author Nathan Whitaker in excellent read that challenges you to step out of the box and live an “uncommon life.”

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Tony Dungy was the first African American who beat the odds and led the Indianapolis Colts to unforgettable Super Bowl victory back in 2007.

As if that was not great enough, he delivered another huge NFL first by being the first head coach to lead his teams to all playoffs for ten successive years.

He urges his readers to create a life of real significance and impact as well as walking in the lord.

The author believes in faith and challenges his readers to spend time with God, and as they do so, they should dare to be uncommon each day.



Authored by New York bestselling author, Tony Dungy

The author is a former coach who excelled in his career

Seeks to challenge the reader to live a life closer to God

It's inspirational