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TicWatch Pro Bluetooth Smart Watch

Android Smart Sportswatches seem to be really popular at the present time, especially among sports enthusiasts who simply adore the many monitoring apps that are available to download. And when the Sportswatch also has contact with Google Assistant and “OK Google” direct from the wearer’s wrist the whole bundle is well worth the money it costs to buy.

Most Smartwatches also have access to Google Pay, GPS tracking and all the other features that people have come to expect from Android and Google products. This is one of the cheapest and when it is combined with the good quality manufacturing and design it is probably one of the most attractive smartwatches available.

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Detailed information about TicWatch Pro Bluetooth Smart Watch

It looks good and does everything that the wearer wants of it including linking to the smartphone using its Bluetooth connectivity. It has a particularly good battery life ranging from 2 days up to 30 days usage on just one charge (depending on how much you use its Smart capabilities).

The watch has two modes to which it can be set: Smart Mode uses an AMO-LED display, incorporates Google Assistant and access to Google Play Store for potentially thousands of apps ready to download to change the watch face or monitor health and fitness.

The essential mode is the power saving mode that uses FSTN-LCD display with high sunlight visibility and only shows essential information such as time, date, step-counter, and heartbeat.


Good quality and reasonable priced Smartwatch

Two modes for full functionality or power saving. Take your pick

Health and fitness apps as well as music and Google Pay

Links to the smartphone for making and receiving calls and SMS