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Adidas Originals Men’s Monogram Tracktop

When the man of the family is outside, maybe walking the dog, running, strolling in the park, walking to work or even working in the garden, he needs something to keep him warm and dry and protected from the cold winds that can sometimes whip down from the north.

This Men’s track top from Adidas features the classic Adidas monogram as a repeating graphic pattern to give the track top a more classic feel.

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Detailed information about Adidas Originals Men’s Monogram Tracktop

This isn’t something that can be worn above as an ordinary jacket or coat but will be perfect for wearing on top of a sweater, shirt, hoodie, tracksuit or any type of sports clothes. The windbreaker hooded jacket is ideal if you want to play golf or go for a run when the weather looks like it might rain.

The sizes range from X - SMALL all the way up to XX-LARGE, and what is probably the best thing is that unlike many imported garments, the sizing is exactly what it says. It is a regular fit, not too tight and not too loose. Just what you need to feel your best when out and about in public.

The hooded windbreaker jacket comes in two colors, suitable subdued so that this jacket can be worn just about anywhere without it being obvious that it is really sportswear. They come in black with a white repeating monogram or navy blue with a white repeating monogram.


Waterproof and windproof hooded jacket

Comes in a variety of sizes

Ideal for wearing before, during or after almost any kind of sport or exercise regime