Perfect Blend 2.0 Smart Scale + App

Being active and eating healthy comes hand in hand. While it is possible that one can exist without the other, it is often best to do both things at the same time to reach your goal – whether it is losing, gaining or maintaining weight, or just to simply feel good and healthy.

With that said, we seriously recommend the perfect Blend 2.0 Scale with App. This scale is unique for many reasons, and we will start with this – it comes with an app.

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Detailed information about Perfect Blend 2.0 Smart Scale + App

Now how many scales come with its own app that helps you track your nutrition? Not very many we think. The Perfect Blend 2.0 app gives you tons of recipes for you to choose from and try, all while providing exact measurements of the ingredients you need so you do not have to worry about measurements.

You are also not confined to just smoothies and juices, the app also has recipes for dressings, soups, sauces, dips and a lot more. The scale itself is very easy to use, simply place a blender on it and you are good to go! It works with any type of blender, so that is definitely a huge plus.


Revolutionary technology helps you track your health better


Easy to use