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Basketball Coach Glass and Coaster Set

If you are looking for a special and unusual gift for your basketball Coach then why not buy him or her a personalized beer glass and coaster by which to remember you. Sports Coaches, and especially basketball Coaches hold a special place in the lives of their teams.

It is the Coach that gives the team members the benefit of their knowledge and experience so that the team can become better at the game and hopefully one day surpass the Coach.

Many teams buy their Coach a gift that can be used in the game such as a cap or a whistle or something similar. This product, however, when given as a gift to say thank you to the Coach is something he or she can use when ‘off-duty’ and having a beer either at home, in the clubhouse or in the local bar.

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Detailed information about Basketball Coach Glass and Coaster Set

The 16 fl oz glass (1 US Pint) and the full-color coaster comes with the Coach’s name. The etching on the glass shows an image of a basketball on a heraldic shield complete with the word ‘Coach’ at the top and the Coach’s name at the bottom. It will not fade or wear away and is completely dishwasher safe.

The hardboard coaster shows a full-color background of a basketball court overlaid with a heraldic shield portraying a basketball with the word ‘Coach’ at the top and the Coach’s name at the bottom. Together these two items come in a presentation box ready to be given to the best Coach in the world. The text can be written in a choice of two fonts to really make the gift personalized.


This is a clear glass beer mug holding 16 fl oz etched with the name of the recipient

The glass and coaster make a useful set to say ‘thanks’ to the Coach

The etching is deep and long-lasting and the glass is completely dishwasher safe