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GoSports Coaches Boards – 2 Sided Premium Dry Erase Clipboards

A sports coach’s job is to guide his or her team to try to get the best out of them during their chosen game. Whether it is a practice game, friendly game or a league game, instructions need to be communicated flawlessly and that is where visual aids come in.

It has been said that “A picture is worth a thousand words” and in team sports, it is probably worth a lot more. How else would coach tell the various positions where they should be at any particular time during the game? A game that is changing every second.

Coach always has a clipboard with him or her at all times to make notes, so the obvious answer is for the coach to have a clipboard that doubles as a whiteboard with the game court markings permanently printed where they can be handily referred to at a moment’s notice.

The Coaches Boards by GoSports is the ideal clipboard for the coach that ticks all the boxes.

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Detailed information about GoSports Coaches Boards – 2 Sided Premium Dry Erase Clipboards

The team doesn’t have to wait until they are back in the dressing room before they can see it on the big whiteboard.

Like all clipboards, it has the usual metal clip that is so useful for holding paper lists and two dry-erase marker pens with erasers.

If basketball isn’t your sport or if you coach many different games, the manufacturer supplies whiteboard clipboards ready printed for the following sports:

  • Hockey
  • Football
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Baseball and Softball
  • Baseball and Softball mini
  • Lacrosse

Ideal aid for a team coach of many different team sports

It is a regular clipboard with a paper clip as well as being a game tactic whiteboard on both surfaces

Has permanently printed game court markings on both sides of the board