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VI Sense Wireless Headphones with AI Personal Trainer

Do you have someone in the house who loves to workout? The problem with doing workouts or jogging is that it is difficult for him or her to do this while listening to his favorite music or taking phone calls. The answer is of course to use headphones or earbuds, but that could be tricky if it is raining or the wearer is sweating a lot.

The answer obviously is a set of wireless Bluetooth water-resistant headphones that will sit comfortably inside the wearer’s ear canals allowing them to listen to music, a story or take a business call out of hours.

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Detailed information about VI Sense Wireless Headphones with AI Personal Trainer

The Bluetooth headphones reproduce the musical sounds so beautifully. The headphones incorporate biosensors that monitor heart rate, movement as well as many other factors. In fact, the headphones have won the 2018 iF Packaging Design Award.

The monitoring of the body during workout needs the headphones to be linked to the Vi Trainer App (luckily a 12-month free trial comes with the headphones). The App is available in iOS and Android so it is compatible no matter which phone you prefer.


Hi-Tech Bluetooth headphones for listening to music, answering the phone or tracking your vital signs

Sweat and water resistant

The battery will last all day before needing to be recharged

The app is available on iOS or Android