Vandor 54162 The Beatles 4 Piece Glass Set

Who doesn’t love the Beatles? No one, that’s who, and this set of Beatles glasses would make a great gift for the consummate Beatles lover in all of us.

This set is anideal gift for any musician, music lover, or Beatles aficionado out there. Whether they collect Beatles memorabilia or just love musical history items in general, then this is definitely a great product to buy and a gift they will cherish.

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Detailed information about Vandor 54162 The Beatles 4 Piece Glass Set

This set of four glasses have pictures of each member of the band, John, George, Ringo and of course Paul and the words “The Beatles” printed over the top of each of the images in either blue, orange, red or green.

Each of the glasses holds 16 ounces and measures 5.7 inches tall and 3.5 inches in diameter. This set is an ideal addition to the décor in a musician's room and they would also look great adorning a home bar.

It is recommended that this beautiful collectible glassware be handwash to ensure longevity.

It has been over 50 years since the world’s most iconic rock band made their grand entrance onto the music scene and these glasses are a great way to celebrate the most lauded band ever.

The fact that they are just as popular today as they were on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1964 speaks of their timeless appeal across a broad swathe of people all over the world.


Set of four 16 ounces glasses, each with a different Beatle depicted on it

Multicolor, with a different color for each of the four musicians

Made from heavy durable glass