Grave Before Shave Beard Care Pack (Bay Rum Blend)

For any man who chooses to sport a beard, be it a father, brother, husband, son or friend, this Grave Before Shave Beard Care Pack is sure to be a gift that they will appreciate.

This set of products is perfect for the guy who likes to wear a bit of facial hair but really has no idea of how to take care of it. Face it, most men don’t spend a great deal of time contemplating their grooming routine.

Grave Before You Shave offers a grouping of products that are specifically formulated to put a little tender loving care into their facial hair grooming.

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Detailed information about Grave Before Shave Beard Care Pack (Bay Rum Blend)

This Grave Before Shave Beard Care Pack could be the answer to a raggedy, dull, and scraggly beard’s prayer.

From washing to conditioning and grooming, this care pack covers it all.

The beard grooming set comes with everything that he needs to maintain healthy and luxurious facial hair starting with a good morning scrub using Grave Before Shave Beard Wash that comes in a 6-ounce tube.

This is followed by beard oil that is made with ingredients that are all-natural.

This oil comes in a 1-ounce bottle and serves to moisturize the hair and underlying skin to give a healthy shine and alleviate flaking.


Everything needed to groom facial hair is included
Comes with beard wash and oil, balm and a boars hairbrush
Scented with a classic bay rum blend