DayClocks Day Clock for Seniors!

There are more reasons to celebrate retirement age. One, because we should never take life for granted. And secondly, to live this long is a gift itself.

But finding a perfect gift for a senior or retiree in your life can be a real headache. At this point in their lives, they have acquired stuff and have been given all sorts of gifts than they could possibly use.

They actually need very little, and if you give them anything, it’s best if the gift is practical and makes their life easier, better, safer or healthier.

The DayClocks classic day clock is a fun retirement gift designed to help the senior keep track of days of the week!

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Detailed information about DayClocks Day Clock for Seniors!

As much as it's a blessing to reach the retirement age, the advanced age also comes with its challenges such as memory loss. This clock is purposely designed to help track the days of the week at a slower pace.

It is a unique clock that instead of showing hours, it accurately displays the day of the week and vaguely gives time. It has lines that divide the days and indicate midnight and edge markers for noon.

The single hand moves around the face of the clock at approximately 2.14 degrees every hour and accurately tracks through each day of the week.


An attractive day clock made of high-quality wood

It's practical and easy to read

A great learning tool for kids

Ideal for people experiencing memory loss problems

Available in different colors