Scarface Deluxe Gift Set

For those of us that are over a certain age, the classic 1983 movie, Scarface is a crime drama that is certainly worth watching and rewatching. We won’t say any more about the movie itself as there are plenty of movie reviews out there and this review is only about the box set.

The whole box set is something special and movie buffs will really like the effort that has gone into making this into an experience in itself. Not only do we have the DVD of the 1983 movie and all the special bonus pieces that are standard in modern DVDs, but we also get a DVD holding a copy of the original movie Scarface released in 1932. This is a movie buff’s dream. To be able to watch both and compare the acting, effects, and the story is a joy unto itself and one that will have these two DVDs being watched time and time again.

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Detailed information about Scarface Deluxe Gift Set

When the purchaser opens the box he or she finds that there is a miniature poster of the film. Underneath this, there is a bed of faux red silk on which is placed the DVD of the 1983 version complete with all the bells and whistles of a full anniversary edition.

The contents don’t stop there however, on the next level down there is a bed of faux black silk on which lie a set of lobby cards, a brass money clip decorated with the main character’s monogram and a quote from the film (probably the most famous quote) “The World Is Yours”. As if this isn’t all, the purchaser will also find a DVD of the original black and white 1932 edition.


This is a box set to surpass all other box sets

There are two DVDs for the price of one; the original 1932 film and the 1983 remake

Lots of other goodies are inside the box and the faux silk and leather are clever details