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The Original Bialetti Moka Expresso Maker

There is nothing quite like a good cup of coffee, brewed in the Italian way. Every coffee lover enjoys trying the different brands and blends of bean available on the market, but have they also thought about trying a different way of brewing the perfect cup?

This perfect gift for the discerning coffee enthusiast is something that you should consider buying for the coffee lover in your life. The Original Bialetti Moka Expresso Maker is just the thing for the coffee lover who wants to branch out into brewing coffee in the traditional Italian way.

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Detailed information about The Original Bialetti Moka Expresso Maker

This expresso maker will produce three 2fl.oz cups of rich dark expresso coffee in about 5 minutes. The pot itself is made from polished aluminum and crafted into the traditional Bialetti Octagon shape. There is a safety valve to prevent any dangerous build- up of steam that might occur if the coffee pot is somehow forgotten while being heated. The pot’s boiler is big enough to hold about 6.5 fluid ounces (200ml) and the whole item is designed and made in Italy, where they know what good coffee is all about. The manufacturer also offers a two year warranty so the user knows that there will be excellent customer service if something is not quite right with their new expresso maker.

The expresso maker has been virtually unaltered in the 80 years since the company first started to produce this classic design. The technology behind the Moka is unbelievably simple so why change something if it works? The classic design offers the distinctive eight sided shape allowing the heat to dissipate through the liquid thus enhancing the aroma and taste of the coffee.


Simple yet effective design to produce a delicious cup of Italian coffee

Available in seven different finishes

Available in different sizes to produce up to twelve cups of delicious coffee