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Pavilion Gift Company 74071 Bloom Grandma’s Love Ceramic Tea

Like a whimsical fairy tale illustration made real, this delightful Grandma’s Love Ceramic Tea Set for One is a gift that is sure to warm the heart of your beloved grandmother. This individual tea set allows grandma to take that precious time for herself to relax and unwind, whether first thing in the morning or after a busy day. It encourages her to focus on herself and shows just how important all she does is to you. Both the teapot and cup are made from sturdily crafted ceramic. The teapot holds 15 ounces and the cup holds 8 ounces, the perfect amount for a tea set for one to take away any chill and warm the heart with a daily reminder of how much the receiver is appreciated by her loved ones whether they live near or far.

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The teapot is daintily decorated with adorable, playful flowers and butterflies in bright colors that are sure to put a smile on grandma’s face every time she uses it. The teacup is a stylish gray replete with fluttering white butterflies, carefully detailed down to each individual wing. With proper care, the designs will not fade over time, allowing this set to be enjoyed for years to come. This tea set comes packaged ready for giving in a gift box with a decorative declaring “Grandma’s Love Warms the Heart.” Even if you don’t live nearby, Grandma will feel the love represented by this thoughtful gift every time she reaches for a soothing cup of tea as a reminder of the bond you share.