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Sports bring us together, there is nothing quite like it! This is especially true if you play a sport. In particular, your coach is sure to be a major influence in your life, wouldn’t you agree? For as hard as they work, they don’t often get the recognition and thanks they deserve! A thoughtful gift around the holidays or at the end of the season is a great way to say ‘thank you’ to your coach for all he or she has done for you! From making you a better athlete to making you a better person, there are a lot of great qualities you can likely attribute to your coach. The least you can do is get them a nice gift! Wondering what the right thing to get is? Not a problem! Our coach gift guide is filled with gifts that any coach would absolutely love.

10 Things to Consider When Looking to Buy a Gift for a Coach

Shopping for the perfect gift for your coach? Be sure to keep these 10 things in mind while you shop!

1. Get to know them

If you just know them as your coach you aren’t going to have much luck when thinking up the perfect gift. Make an effort to get to know your coach to see what their interests are and what they like. This is the best inspiration when it comes to buying a gift, and it will really show that you actually care and didn’t just pick up the first gift you found.

2. Involve your team

Why not get together with your teammates and come up with one nice gift you can all give your coach? This gives you access to a larger budget and can be a great team-building and bonding experience as well!

3. Make their life easier

It is hard being a coach! Thankfully, there are plenty of items that can make their lives easier. From binders to organize their game plans, to new whistles that are easier to use, to equipment storage, there is a lot to choose from, and all will be put to great use!

4. Go for the memories

Coaches love looking back at their teams! Why not consider having framed a team photo or shot from a game that is special to them? They may have a tough exterior, but deep down they have a sentimental side, and this is a gift that would certainly mean a lot to them.

5. Think custom

Make your coach feel extra special by getting them a custom item- that could be a shirt, jacket, or sign for their desk! No matter what it is, they will absolutely love it, and love that you took the time to have it made.

6. Sports gear is great

From a new water bottle to workout gear, and a lot more, coaches are often either working out or helping their players workout. Get them some nice new gear that they are sure to use all the time! You can’t go wrong with this gift.

7. Research their favorite coach or player

Your coach is sure to have a lot of idols- both other coaches as well as players. Figure out who they are and use that as inspiration for your gift! Perhaps there is a book written by their favorite coach, or you can get a signed ball or poster. This is a special gift that they will absolutely love and hold onto forever!

8. Have some fun

Your coach is probably serious the majority of the time, but that doesn’t mean he or she doesn’t like to have fun! Encourage them to show their fun side by getting them the perfect gift- say a video game you can play together or another type of game you can enjoy and have fun with. Perfect for releasing stress and having fun together in a new, fun way!

9. Think healthy

Is your coach focused on a healthy diet as well as a healthy lifestyle? They probably are! Consider getting them something that will help them stay on track with their diet or overall healthy lifestyle.

10. Get them sports tickets

Finally, if they have a favorite sports team, consider getting them a set of tickets to a game. If you happen to have a larger budget to spend and really want to do something nice for them, this is a great way to treat them to something that you know they will love. The memories are sure to last a lifetime!

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Getting Your coach a Gift He or She Will Appreciate!

No matter what sport you (or your child) plays, your coach is a crucial part of making the teamwork! From helping you improve your skill in focusing on team building, your coach is responsible for a lot. Over the years you can probably recall a lot of important life lessons learned, and many probably came from various coaches of yours!

Thanking your coach with a gift is just one way to show your appreciation for all of the work he or she does for your team. A thoughtful gift can really do a lot to ensure your coach feels appreciated for all he or she does. It can be a difficult job! If your team isn’t winning they get a lot of the blame, and when you are winning, they don’t often get the recognition. It’s tough!

Instead, this year why not go out of your way to show your appreciation? A nice thoughtful gift is a great thing to give over the holidays, at the end of the season, or for their birthday. No matter their age or the sport you play, you can find the perfect gift. Not convinced? Don’t worry! Our gift guide is specifically curated for coaches. Every item on this list is perfect for a coach, they are all things they would love to have!

Gift Ideas for Every Budget

From things to help them with coaching, to much-needed tools for relaxation, and a lot more, we have thought of everything. We have also considered various price points, so no matter your budget, you can find something that works for you. Whether it is your own coach or your son or daughter’s coach, we have got you covered.

As much time as you spend with your coach, it can still be hard to know what to get them as a gift! With so much energy focused on the team, their personal interests and personality can get lost. It shouldn’t be that way though! Taking time to celebrate them after a long season, or throwing a birthday party is a great way to get to know your coach better and further show that you appreciate them. Combined with a thoughtful gift, you are good to go!

Start Browsing to Find the Gift

You never want to take for granted the people in your life that have helped you become who you are today. You certainly wouldn’t do that with your family or close friends, and you shouldn’t with your coach either! If you are a parent looking for your child’s coach, keep this in mind as well. As much as you are helping shape your child, they are as well! Thank them for the important job they are doing to help your child on and off the field.

If you know a coach who has a birthday coming up, or it’s the end of the season, consider getting them a special gift to say thank you. Search through our gift guide and see what you find- we are sure you’ll find the perfect gift in no time at all! Start shopping today.