Big Joe Media Lounger

If you’ve been struggling to find a totally awesome gift that will knock someone’s socks off, then struggle no more! The Big Joe Media Lounger is the coolest gift anyone could receive and it’s sure to be the hit of the party. Filled with spongy shredded foam, the Big Joe Media Lounger is over 6ft long of fun! Packed full of that foam, it’s also super tall and extra squishy. It’s perfect for plopping onto after a long day and just relaxing. The best part is the foam is upcycled and filled in a zero landfill facility, so Big Joe is actually Earth-friendly as well as relaxing.

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Detailed information about Big Joe Media Lounger

You can do almost anything on this lounger, like watching TV, playing video games, reading a book or even taking a nap. It’s so big and comfortable, once you sit down you won’t be able to get up. It’s a fabulous present for friends and family! Get it as a housewarming present, because everyone needs a giant lounger in their house. You can even get it for a family and everyone in it will thank you for it because everyone can use it. There won’t even be fights between the children because it’s big enough to fit all of them together! And mom and dad won’t be complaining once they rest their weary legs on it.