The Art of Scott W Smith – Stranger Things Art

What an interesting and creative piece of art! This 11 x 17″ art print (done on quality archival paper) will keep you engrossed for many hours searching through the thousands of words it is made up of. This art print is completely composed of nothing but words, all of which are taken directly from the first season of the hit show Stranger Things.

Whether you are a fan of the show or not, you will have to appreciate the creativity, time and sheer talent that has been put into this unique piece of art. From the vibrant and rich inks to the manipulation of the literally thousands of words to make up the overall picture, this print is worthy of any wall, anywhere!

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Detailed information about The Art of Scott W Smith – Stranger Things Art

Read the words that make up this piece of art and relive the very best moments from the first season of this captivating show. The premise of the show sums up the life and death battle between Eleven and her arch enemy from the "Upside Down", the Demogorgon!

This graphic representation of the premise behind the first season is perfect in its simplicity. It shows clearly and concisely the delicate balance between the two dimensions depicted in the series – our world (the real world) and the "Upside Down".

A rip in the fabric that separates the two dimensions is all it takes to put Eleven on a direct collision course with the Demogorgon and a showdown of epic proportions. It is certain to bring hour upon hour of enjoyment while you and your friends search for your own favorite phrases from the hit show and remember each spellbinding moment.

  • Printed on quality archival paper with preservation in mind
  • Made up of actual words and phrases from season one of Stranger Things
  • Depicts Eleven and the Demogorgon, the real world versus the "Upside Down"