Notes from the Upside Down: An Unofficial Guide to Stranger Things

The installment of the last season of Stranger Things is over and here you are with a gaping void in your life! You need a way to pass the time (interestingly!) waiting for the third season. So if you are you looking for your Stranger Things fix, finally, there is a book that can help!  Notes from the Upside Down dives into the backstory and unknown details of our favorite television program.

This paperback is just what a Stranger Things fan needs to add insight that will enhance their Stranger Things experience.  It will be all that much more enjoyable to watch the show once he or she can file the factoids from this paperback into their viewing. Who was the major inspiration in the creation of the story? What other authors and genres should you read if you want a similar experience? What writers influenced the plot line?

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Detailed information about Notes from the Upside Down: An Unofficial Guide to Stranger Things

The series is of course set in the 1980’s, and the music from that decade is distinctive and powerful.  This manual for the Stranger Things fan will explain why the creators used the music they did and what is the pertinence of each track to the storyline itself. It also explains how each character was created and fleshed-out.

Additionally, there is a synopsis of each show in the series, helping to clarify those unavoidable questions that we all have. There are quizzes to test your Stranger Things IQ, and even a recipe from the author to keep things unpredictable. The author also helps to fill in the gaps to some of those more difficult to grasp concepts, thus making the watching an altogether more enjoyable experience.

  • 240 pages of the inside scoop behind Stranger Things
  • This unofficial guide to the show offers insight into the show's beginnings
  • #1 Best Seller available in paperback, audiobook, and Kindle Fire formats