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Sabatino Tartufi All About Truffles Seasoning Collection

The flavor and odor of the truffle are extremely strong and pungent so it doesn’t need very much flesh to flavor a meal. Unfortunately, the truffles need to be handled and stored very carefully to preserve their perfume and flavor otherwise the pungency dissipates.

That is why this item from Sabatino Tartufi is such a hit. The pungent flavors of truffle and a complementary herb are blended with pure sea salt to provide a condiment tasting of truffle to be used in place of pure salt.

This seasoning collection is an ideal gift for anyone who loves the flavor of truffles.

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Detailed information about Sabatino Tartufi All About Truffles Seasoning Collection

The gift box includes three jars of truffle seasoning: truffle rosemary salt, truffle parsley sea salt, and truffle zest.

Rather than purchase an expensive piece of truffle just sprinkle some of the condiment onto anything you like to eat: eggs, grains, pasta, fries, popcorn, meats, you name it.

In addition to the flavors already stated, the condiments also contain the following ingredients: black pepper, and carob powder. A perfect combination for any chef in your life!



This set of three jars of pure sea salt infused with the flavor of truffles and herbs is a winner for anyone who loves to cook

To be used instead of salt to add a super distinctive flavor

Truffle is such a wonderful flavor you won’t want to use plain salt ever again