Star Trek The Next Generation TNG Green Science Costume Bathrobe

Star Trek has been here with us and has been going strong all this while and so are the fans. In fact, you are likely to have a Trekkie who has watched The Original Series, the most loyal of fans of this show. It even got more exciting with the incarnation of the latest hit “Star Trek: Discovery” which has had fans going crazy and perhaps it’s now a great time to treat a Trekkie with a Star Trek-themed gift.

If you still haven’t found a perfect present for a Star Trek fan in your life, here is one that will truly get them psyched up. This Star Trek TNG (The Next Generation) blue science robe will be a gift that will resonate with their obsession for this long-running and thrilling space exploration show.

Whether they love the usual trio of Kirk, McCoy, and Spock, Picard and his gang or they happen to be more inclined to Saru, Burnham, and Loca, the recipient would absolutely be thrilled to receive this all Star Trek-themed robe.

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Detailed information about Star Trek The Next Generation TNG Green Science Costume Bathrobe

After a long day of work, or watching lots of space exploration stuff, it would certainly be blissful to slip into this cozy bathrobe and unwind. And since it's The Next Generation robe, it will be the perfect way for a long-standing fan to express their fandom and alliance for this franchise.

This imported robe is made of cotton material. It's a high-quality robe, thick and quite durable. The quality of this robe will without a doubt exceed your expectation and those of the recipient as it is way above and actually qualifies as a hotel quality robe.


A luxurious costume bathrobe with quality embroidered designs

Made of cotton fabric

It's soft, warm and cozy

Quality is good enough to make it suitable for use in hotels and spas

An officially licensed Star Trek merchandise