Meigan Art-Modern American Eagle Motorcycle Canvas Art Print

It is a known fact that when people like something, you can bet your bottom dollar that certain passion will become part of their life and thus become a lifestyle.

From the clothes they wear, the books and movies they read to the decoration in their homes, these certain hobbies or likes start to dominate their existence.

One person might like art and another may like riding motorcycles, but if you know someone who likes both of these passions at the same time, then we strongly believe that you may have found the perfect gift come the holidays such as Christmas, Anniversaries and birthdays.

Presenting the Modern American Eagle Motorcycle Canvas Print by Meigan Art, a set of 5 art panels printed in high-quality Giclee canvasses that will look amazing on any living room, apartment, man cave or any part of your lucky Harley Davidson recipient’s that can fit this awesome continuous art set.

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Detailed information about Meigan Art-Modern American Eagle Motorcycle Canvas Art Print

Two canvasses are 12 by 24 inches in size, the other two are 12 by 16 inches, and the middle canvas is 12 by 32 inches – but still look incredibly cohesive and lines up the motorcycle inspired artwork perfectly.

As for the art itself, you could not get any biker chic than that – with an American Eagle’s face, Harley Davidson logo at the back and a black motorcycle to boot, the hyper-realistic collage really feels like it jumps out of the canvas with how vibrant and clear it is.


Very clear art print, printed on a high quality canvas

Ready to hang on the wall

Very affordable for what it is