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Harley-Davidson Men’s Riddick Black Motorcycle Boots

This genuine Harley-Davidson product is the ultimate in high tech biker fashion, and they are not just for touring on a Harley. These authentic Harley-Davidson all leather Riddick motorcycle boots are just the perfect stomping around boot – no bike required!

The amount of technology that has gone into this pair of men’s motorcycle boots from Harley-Davidson is simply crazy and mind-boggling.

These boots include high-performance impact protection in the ankles to inside and outside locking YKK zippers (the industry’s very best), and soles, uppers, and insoles that are indelibly bound using Goodyear’s Welt construction process.

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Detailed information about Harley-Davidson Men’s Riddick Black Motorcycle Boots

There are so many features it is hard to know where to begin. The outer YKK zippers open up to provide air circulation on those hot days of summer.

Additionally, this 8-inch lace-up boot offers side impact protection in the form of inner Poron Ankle support, which is flexible, lightweight, and comfortable, and with overall absorption of greater than 90% of the energy caused by high impact.

The orange and black rubber soles are styled for the optimal traction on any surface while still providing the ultimate performance and comfort.


All leather with full grain leather upper

Poron ankle protection built in for maximum support and protection from impact

Air ventilation locking zippers inside and out