Seletti Hybrid Dorotea Round Tray Fully Reviewed

So, your friends just moved into a new apartment, or your favorite couple is now new homeowners, and you need to get the perfect housewarming gift. We all know that we that we are not supposed to show up empty handed and so you are out there looking for a memorable gift for the new homeowners.

A housewarming gift should be something simple that will put a smile on your host’s face. It could be something fun or practical that they can actually put into some good use. This adorable Hybrid Dorotea round tray from Seletti could be the perfect housewarming gift you are looking for. Kitchen gifts or home décor gifts are usually a hit when it comes to housewarming gifts. Partly because they can help the new homeowner settle in and they are also thoughtful and look good.


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Detailed information about Seletti Hybrid Dorotea Round Tray Fully Reviewed

This hybrid tray is simply adorably cute and unique. It's not only beautifully designed, but it's a wonderful reflection of the history of production where the East meets with the West, for Chinese and the European. It’s a contemporary representation that symbolizes the complex past that merges to come up with excellent designs and aesthetics. The tray, which is meticulously manufactured in Tangshan is beautifully hand-painted into an amazing and unique dinnerware.

The Seletti Hybrid round tray is made of bone china which is a type of porcelain that consists of bone ash, kaolin and feldspathic. Bone china porcelain is an exceptional material known for its quality with an impressive level of translucency and pure whiteness which gives dinnerware and ornate décor an admirable delicateness and a touch of class. The material is also known for its remarkable strength and resistance to chip.



Made of bone china porcelain

The tray has beautiful decorations sliced in half to represent two different themes