design 17 Month Planner

Organization goes beyond having all books and diaries well-outlined on the desk. What about the ideas, projects, and tasks that are pending or worth noting down? That is why keeping an agenda book is extremely necessary to ensure proper execution of plans.

On this note, an agenda book would come in handy as a gift for friends, colleagues, and family. This particular one from Bando Design would help them fill in their plans and have an outline of dates and months when they should complete the tasks. This is why the designs outdo most other planners in the market.


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Detailed information about design 17 Month Planner

The agenda book has a hardcover design with floral details for extra style and attraction. It has a gold wire o-binding which makes it super easy to open, bookmark and access the pages. More to this, the book has an elastic band closure to close the book when not in use securely. There is a double-sided pocket page in the book which can come in handy for fitting in essential notes. The pages of the book have a highlight of the particular date, month and year. This makes it easy to note down and track the tasks ought to be completed. The design allows the proper layout of notes making it simple to point out the most important ones. More to this, the book has laminated color-coded moth tabs on the side to flip to a specific page easily.